What are the applications of the advertising printing industry?

                 What are the applications of the advertising printing industry? In our life, the company that accompanies us most is advertising. Whether it is on the subway, on the bus, or on the big curtain wall of a shopping mall, advertising is everywhere. Already linked to our lives. With the development of the times, billboards have more and more requirements. Both the theme must be clear and the personality must be eye-catching and easy to be remembered by others. This requires that billboards be diversified and personalized, so UV advertising printers are gradually being applied. To the billboard industry.

the applications of the advertising printing industry

                 Billboard printer, can print flat billboards of any material. Traditional billboards are mostly printing products made by inkjet printers and photo machines, while advertising printers are new printing devices that combine inkjet printers, photo machines, screen printing, screen printing, thermal transfer and other printing methods. It can print a variety of color patterns, what you see is what you get, and when you print it, it dries. The finished product is the finished product. Since UV advertising printers are so widely used, what types of billboards can it be applied to?

                 1, banner advertisement, light box advertisement

                 Most of these billboards use advertising cloth. The most commonly used method is inkjet printing. However, inkjet printing cannot be completed and is a finished product. It requires a drying process. If other conditions occur during the drying process, it may cause flowers Picture, you need to make another one. The UV advertising printer uses UV ink, and during the printing process, it is cured by LED light irradiation, and the picture effect is very ideal. The advertising printer can easily set any printing pattern, and the printing process can be completed in a few simple steps, which is simple and convenient, saves time and labor, and indirectly saves costs.

                 2, menus, recipes, advertising fans, creative advertising gifts

                 These types of advertising sign printers are mostly made of artificial leather, acrylic, PVC and other materials. They are characterized by small production volume, small printing format, high personalization requirements, and most are printed according to customer requirements, so traditional printing methods cannot meet them. Requested it. The uv advertising printer can completely realize small batch and personalized printing, and can print multiple pictures at a time, which is faster and more diversified.

                 3.Labels and signs

                 Signs and logos are the most common types of billboards. They are mostly made of metal, acrylic, advertising cloth, and some other materials such as wood and PVC. Advertising printers can easily handle these materials. Not only can the advertisement be richer in color and content, it can also be adapted to various customizations to meet the needs of various customers. The most important thing is the low printing cost. Suitable for large-scale production of enterprises.

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