What is the advantage of the original self-developed advertising printer?

                 What is the advantage of the original self-developed advertising printer? The advertising market has been flourishing, and more and more people are doing it, so more and more customers know about advertising printers. Advertising printers are so popular because they have powerful features, and they are becoming more and more important in the market, and more and more people are buying them. However, the current market for advertising printers is mixed, and there are many products. How should consumers choose? Here, Hangzhou Kale recommends that users should buy the original self-developed machines from the manufacturers when purchasing advertising printers! What is the reason for this?

the advantage of the original self-developed advertising printer

               At present, there are three common types of advertising printers on the market. One is an imported model, the other is an Epson printer modified, and the other is an original domestic research and development. Hangzhou Carle will tell you about these differences.

               First of all, imported advertising printers are generally expensive and not much in the domestic market, and the use of inks, coatings, cleaning fluids and other consumables also needs to be original, and the price is very high. Secondly, Epson modified the tablet because it was converted. The technical manufacturers at the location are unable to understand, and the failure may not be resolved, it may be scrapped. The original independently developed 1610 advertising printer is designed and assembled by the manufacturer. Where is important and where is not important at a glance. It is not easy to have any problems. Failures can also be resolved quickly, and manufacturers are also very convenient in terms of after-sales service. And in terms of consumables, compatible consumables can be used, which saves half the money than the original, and has an advantage in terms of cost.

                The self-developed advertising printer is a manufacturer that integrates various market needs and conducts research and development, which must be the most suitable for the current market demand. With the continuous improvement of research and development, manufacturers will continue to upgrade the machine according to the needs of the market. Users can make a variety of choices according to their needs. They do not choose the most suitable for them. To sum up, in the long run, we still choose the original self-developed advertising printer, and the quality is guaranteed.

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