Three ways to improve the adhesion of advertising printers

              There are three ways to improve the adhesion of advertising printers. Now there are more and more manufacturers and self-employed advertising printing businesses, and the use of advertising printers has become more and more popular, but there are still some customers who want to buy machines, but are worried about the adhesion of machines problem. Worried that the pattern will fade. So how do we improve the adhesion of ink for advertising printers after purchasing the machine? Hangzhou Carle said below.

Three ways to improve the adhesion of advertising printers

             The adaptability of the pattern refers to the environmental adaptability of the pattern on the surface of the substrate. No matter how good, no matter how beautiful the printed matter, if the light box printer printed product encounters objective factors such as rain, acidity, alkalinity, it will be useless if it fades and falls off. So how to improve the adaptability of the universal printing pattern, below Hangzhou Kale teaches you three techniques.

              The first is the coating. The coating is a substance between the ink and the substrate. It can effectively improve the adhesion of the pigment ink, so that it can be tightly attached to the surface of the advertising material substrate, and it is not easy to fall off. Improve the shock and pressure resistance of the pattern.

               Second is ink. When buying ink, it is recommended to buy original ink. This can ensure the quality of the ink. If you use some mixed ink on the market, it is bad. Not only the adaptability of the printed pattern cannot be guaranteed, but in serious cases, the image quality of the pattern will be affected. It can also damage the printer nozzles.

              The last is varnish, which is a protective layer covering the surface of the pattern. It can not only increase the brightness of the substrate, make it brighter and glossier. And make the pattern with waterproof and sun protection functions. Of course, good patterns can only adapt the case to strong acid, strong alkali, low temperature environment.

               The above are three methods introduced by Hangzhou Carle to improve the ink adhesion of advertising printers. I hope it will be helpful to everyone!

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