Five reasons to keep customers from rejecting advertising printers

              Five reasons why customers ca n’t refuse advertising printers. Recently, advertising printers are very popular in the market. Customers who come to our Hangzhou Kale to buy advertising printers are also endless. So why do customers choose our Hangzhou Kale advertising printers? ? Next, let's talk about five major reasons why customers can't refuse CALLER advertising printers.

Five reasons to keep customers from rejecting advertising printers

             1. Improve product performance

             Our Kaler 1610 advertising printer has good printability and clear dots for printed advertising materials. The ink color is bright and bright. At the same time, because the UV curing process is a photochemical reaction process, both the ink layer and varnish layer have strong adhesion , Strong durability, and water resistance, chemical resistance, wear resistance, aging resistance and other advantages.

              2. Improve production efficiency and economic benefits

              Adopting a 2313 advertising printer, which can print 40 square meters per hour, which greatly improves production efficiency and is very conducive to the needs of high-speed printing development. High speed means that it can reduce the storage cost and capital pressure of raw materials and finished products. At the same time, because UV curing energy consumption is very low, the usual operating costs are greatly reduced.

               3, meet environmental requirements

               The entire curing system of UV printing is a solvent-free system, that is, a 100% solvent-free formula, which does not contain VOC, which exactly meets today's environmental requirements. This is another important feature of UV-curable inks. Because the UV ink has a solid content of nearly 100% after curing, it contains almost no VOCs (organic volatiles), that is, volatile organic compounds are not emitted or rarely emitted during curing. It does not cause more harmful environmental pollution, and has less waste, saves energy, and does not have to worry about handling harmful flammable and explosive materials. It is an environmentally friendly ink.

              4. Strong adhesion and fast curing

              The ink used is UV ink, which can make the printed advertising material ink layer strong and dry quickly, and this ink layer has high abrasion resistance and chemical resistance, and the adhesion is also very strong. Uv ink can be dried instantly after being irradiated with ultraviolet rays. Generally, it only needs 1 / 10S to completely dry and fix the surface of the substrate. Therefore, UV ink is used to print advertising materials with short delivery time, which is comparable to flexo and gravure printing, which greatly improves the production efficiency of printing.

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