How to adjust the ink thickness of advertising printers?

                  How to adjust the ink thickness of advertising printer? In recent years, advertising printers have become more and more popular in the market, but many customers who have just started are not very familiar with advertising printers. Although advertising printers have many advantages over traditional machines, on the other hand, many manufacturers are still at the stage of summing up their experience with newly purchased advertising printers, but for Carr, the quality of the 1610 advertising printer is still Can stand the test. Recently, some customers have consulted. Can the advertising printer change the ink thickness, how to change it, and what is the specific method? Today I will explain it to you.

                 Generally speaking, domestic advertising printers are generally four colors, and industrial equipment standards are six colors and eight colors. Adjusting the thickness of the ink mainly depends on three factors.

                  First is the type and background color of the material. If the surface of the material is soft, the gap is large, and the background color of the material is dark, you need to increase the ink volume by 20% -40%;

                 Second is the requirement to see the picture. If the picture is darker and the color is more beautiful, the thickness of the ink needs to be appropriately increased;

                 Finally, it depends on the special requirements. If the relief 3D effect is pursued, the thickness of the ink needs to be increased. To change the thickness of the ink, you can use the method described below.

adjust the ink thickness of advertising printers

              The picture above is a case of printing 3d relief effect printing

               In the printing software, you can set the percentage of the inkjet volume, and you can also set the number of printing passes to change the thickness of the ink. The advantage of this is that it can save ink on the one hand and improve the printing quality on the other.

               Advertising printers increase the thickness of the set ink. Another auxiliary function is the percentage of feathering. Usually it is between 0% and 200%. If the system prints more delicate patterns and richer colors, you need to enable the feathering function. The larger the value, the better the printed effect. Similarly, the production will be reduced. Speed depends on the actual needs of users.

               It should be noted that the thickness of the ink set by the advertising printer is not as thick as possible, and if the setting is not reasonable, it will affect the color quality of the print. So you need to set it according to your own needs.

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