Advertising printer three must know little common sense

                Advertising printers must know three common sense. Advertising printers have a solid foundation in the advertising printing industry due to their high-quality printing performance and convenient and simple operation methods. But for those who are new to this industry, it is still relatively unfamiliar. The editor of Hangzhou Kale has compiled some articles on advertising printer knowledge for everyone to popularize. I hope to help everyone understand the industry and printing technology.

               What is the difference between advertising printers and traditional photo machines?

               Traditional photo printers use a print head to print patterns on special materials. It can also be regarded as a larger format printer. It can reach a printer format of about 1.5 meters. It is generally suitable for printing cloth, photo paper adhesives, stickers and other soft Flat material.

               Advertising printer is a kind of inkjet instant dry printer that uses special UV ink to spray on the surface of the object, and its printing format can reach 2.5 meters or more. Advertising Andy board printers can print almost unlimited materials, can be painted on the surface of glass, tiles, metal, acrylic, plastic plates and other objects, the unique UV curing method allows the ink to immediately cure, and immediately preferred.

Advertising printer three must know little common sense

                2. Is the printing process of the advertisement printer complicated?

                The printing process is not complicated. You only need to use computer software for simple typesetting and positioning. The pictures are slightly processed. You can operate by starting the print button. Anyone with a computer base can easily operate it after receiving relevant training from the manufacturer.

                3. Are the accessories and consumables of advertising printers expensive?

                Consumables attached to the poster printer are mainly UV inks, coatings (required for individual products), cleaning agents, nozzles, etc., one liter of ink can print an area of about 80 ~ 120 square meters (full-format full-color printing) On average, the consumption is very low; the coating is a subsidiary of individual products, such as glass, ceramic tiles and other particularly smooth surfaces, which require coatings; cleaning agents are rarely used, about once or twice a week; The nozzles are relatively expensive among consumables, and are generally well maintained. The specific price of the nozzles depends on the brand.

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