How advertising printers print ads?

                How does an ad printer print ads? Now all kinds of exquisite advertisements can be seen everywhere in the streets and alleys. Many people will see some very beautiful and attractive patterns, and they will have questions. How can such exquisite patterns be made? Can we also own Taiwan this equipment, do advertising processing? The answer is yes, all this can be achieved with only one advertising printer.

How advertising printers print ads

              Advertising printer prints advertisements, the steps are simple, and the method is easy to operate.

              1. The advertising materials to be printed, such as advertising cloth, pvc board, etc., should be placed on the advertising printer, be careful, and be as careful as possible to reduce the error to improve the printing effect.

             2. Handle the pattern parameters to be printed in the computer. This requires users to be able to operate graphic design software such as Photoshop. If you do not use the operating software, we will also provide free training after purchasing the machine.

             3. Output the print command. After receiving the command, the device executes the command to print. During the printing process, the user only needs to wait for the end of printing.

             4. Remove the sample. Since the current 1610 advertising printers are equipped with LED UV cold light lamps, they are cured by irradiating UV ink during printing, so they are ready to dry.

             Advertising printers are easy and fast to print, and in many ways subvert the traditional printing industry, and will definitely become a major dominant device in the future printing market. Of course, when buying advertising printers, you should shop around and compare them through product quality, price, and after-sales. We in Hangzhou Kaler are also very confident in this regard. Welcome customers to come to us to check the machine and test samples.

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