What is the price of advertising printers?

                How much is the price of advertising printer? Many customers consult with our advertising printer when prices first want to ask is how much advertising the printer. We all know that advertising prices are printer quality and performance of its own decisions, good or bad judgment means there is an important criterion is what you pay for. Manufacturers are also people. They also need to make a profit to operate normally. If they are sold at a significantly lower price than the market, they must be replaced by defective products or waste products, and ultimately consumers will still be harmed.

What is the price of advertising printers

                 Ads printer price watershed, which is the industry know of. That's the price of 100,000. Below this price, the printing format of general equipment is less than 1.6m, which is determined by its technical capabilities. It can only be modified by the previous photo machine, but it is subject to a lot of restrictions and cannot exceed the 1.6m printing Wide, cheap 30,000 to 30,000, expensive 70,000 to 80,000, the biggest disadvantage is that it is scrapped too quickly, and customers generally report that the equipment becomes a pile of scrap iron within 40 days.

                 How much is the advertising printer is a reasonable market price, the industry has developed to this day, domestic advertising Andy board printer has basically stabilized between 100,000 to 300,000, this is because the equipment cost of the dual nozzle has reached 8 About 10,000, and its software, after-sales services and other services, the company itself needs to support a large number of employees, so advertising printers below 100,000 are generally not considered.

                Editor Carle here reminds you that when choosing an advertising printer manufacturer, you must choose a manufacturer with a good reputation, some bad manufacturers, and buyers with some low-quality, obsolete advertising printer sales, which will not only seriously damage the interests of consumers, It also destroyed the entire printing market. Based on product quality and after-sales service, Hangzhou Kale Company has always independently researched and developed advertising printers, using Seiko gs508 print heads, combined with domestic core technology of large-format photo printers, which are characterized by large print formats, fast print speeds and high precision with multiple print heads. , Durable, low maintenance costs. Is the first manufacturer you buy advertising printers. I wish you an early purchase of love machine.

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