What are the advantages of Seiko print heads for advertising printers?

               What are the advantages of Seiko print heads for advertising printers? Some customers who know advertising printer equipment will know that the print head is an important part of an advertising printer equipment. Many manufacturers use Epson printheads, and some use Ricoh printheads, but we use Seiko printheads in Hangzhou Kale, so what are the advantages of printheads? Why do we use Seiko printheads?

the advantages of Seiko print heads for advertising printers

               First of all, let's find out what a Seiko sprinkler is. The Seiko sprinkler is imported from Japan. The highlight is that it has a long mission life. Seiko print head is an industrial-grade print head made of all-steel. It adopts advanced internal ink channel ink supply method to make the print head print smoothly during high-speed printing. There are a full range of Seiko print heads to meet the needs of different manufacturers. The sizes of ink droplets sprayed by the print heads are 6pl, 12pl, 35pl, 50pl, and 80pl, which can be appropriate according to actual printing requirements.

               After years of market testing, Seiko print heads have been leading the way in the fields of ceramics, outdoor inkjet printing and advertising printing, and they are extremely irreplaceable.

               In the field of advertising printing as an example, SPT nozzles are used in mainstream advertising printers in Europe. From the application point of view, it not only solves the picture color, coverage, layering, and fineness that customers care about, but also solves the problems of ink sedimentation and ink path compatibility with ink. And the long service life can save a lot of costs. In recent years, through the promotion of Hangzhou Kale for many years, the market share of Seiko series print heads in the field of inkjet printing has been far ahead. We all know that the print head is easy to break, and some print heads have a life of only a few months, such as Epson. Then one of the reasons that affects the service life of the print head most is ink clogging. To this end, the specially developed anti-blocking function greatly prolongs the service life of the nozzle. The unique steel structure of the Seiko sprinkler head guarantees its wide use and strong durability.

               In general, Seiko print heads have become mainstream print heads in the entire print head field and occupy an important position in the entire advertising printing field. We believe that Seiko print heads have achieved great results in the digital printing field, and relying on its subsequent strong R & D capabilities, I believe The nozzle will be more brilliant tomorrow.

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