How to reduce the hidden cost of advertising printers?

                How to reduce the hidden cost of advertising printers? When purchasing an advertising printer, we first consider how to reduce the printing cost and quickly return to the original cost while ensuring the quality of the printed product is intact. First, we should know what are the hidden costs of advertising printer manufacturers?

How to reduce the hidden cost of advertising printers

               In today's society, time is very precious, and time is the benefit. This is the focus of advertising printer manufacturers and enterprises to consider, but many small businesses often ignore this. Focus on purchasing cheap supplies and using cheap workers. But the lack of quality and efficiency in the most pivotal part of an enterprise's life has led to poor returns or slow development. This is the result of ignoring the hidden costs.

              So how to reduce the hidden cost of advertising printers? How can advertising printers help printing companies reduce hidden costs?

               1. First, speed. Our 2513 advertising printer uses more than 4 Seiko print heads. The printing speed of kt board printer reaches 40 square meters per hour, and the printing speed is very fast. Suitable for large-scale production of enterprises, and can produce more products at the same time.

               2, followed by efficiency. Advertising printers use four- and eight-color high color reproduction to ensure that the printing quality is intact, while reducing the generation of waste products. This reduces the cost of scrap.

               3. Finally, intelligent control. The operation of the advertising printer is very simple. The entire printing process can be realized with a single computer, and the plate making, film, baking and other processes are omitted, which improves the printing efficiency.

               Through the above steps, advertising printers can greatly reduce hidden costs for printing companies. Of course, the most important point is that the labor cost is reduced. The advertising printer will reduce the printing process that can be completed by traditional four or five people, reducing only one person to complete all. In this way, other personnel can be arranged to do more things, making full use of the value of each employee, thereby improving the profit of the enterprise.

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