Uv printer's role in advertising printing

               The role of Uv printers in advertising printing, advertisements are now spread throughout our lives, and we can see them no matter where we go? So how are the advertisements we see made?

               In the production process of traditional technology, it is roughly divided into two types:

               One is simpler, draw it by hand directly, or draw it on the self-adhesive material, paste it on different plates, and finally sculpt the outline by hand.

               Another fine picture and text are mostly implemented by UV printer printing technology, and UV ink is directly printed on the hard board. This printing method has fast printing speed, good effect and low cost. At the same time, it opened a new path for the production of advertisements.

Uv printer's role in advertising printing

             The picture above shows the printing case of uv printer light box film

             Uv printer advertising inkjet technology as a new technology, well complements the shortcomings of traditional screen printing technology in small-volume printing, not only opened up the market for personalized printing, but also can be used to achieve the effect of proofing or simulation images, customers can start from Choose the technology that best suits your needs from multiple processes to meet your needs.

              The 2513 acrylic advertising printer is very simple to operate. As long as the customer provides you with the advertisement pattern to be printed, the operator can simply process the picture and click the print button to print quickly. After printing, it can be used immediately, and The effect is also very good. It can be waterproof, scratch-resistant, and will not fade after being placed outdoors for ten years. The effect is so good, so more and more people choose.

              The development of the advertising industry so far cannot be separated from the efforts of UV printers. The traditional printing process used to print at a slow speed and could not keep up with people's needs. Sometimes, only a few squares can be printed in a day, which wastes a lot of time on orders. However, the emergence of UV printers can print 40 square meters a day as fast as possible, which can save customers a lot of time and also bring more profits to print shop owners.

               About the introduction of the above equipment, maybe you still have a lot of doubts, you can consult Hangzhou Kaler's online customer service.

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