What are the advertising printing equipment?

              What are the advertising printing equipment? Advertising printing equipment has uv1610 advertising printer and uv2513 advertising printer.

              Some customers want to buy a device for printing advertising materials because they are optimistic about the well-developed advertising printing market. But because I don't know much about these devices, I would like to know which ones are used for advertising printing. As a customer who doesn't know very well, how to choose a good printing equipment.

             As a manufacturer specializing in R & D and production of UV printers, we have hundreds of customers serving advertising in Hangzhou. We all know this industry. The equipment required for advertising printing is divided into 2 models. UV1610 advertising printer. The other is the UV2513 advertising printer. So what is the difference between these 2 advertising printing equipment?

             The printing format of the UV1610 advertising printer is 1.6m * 1.0m. The Epson nozzle and Seiko gs508 nozzle are used, and the printing speed reaches 20 square meters per hour. This device is suitable for printing relatively small format, such as metal signs, doorplates, Board and other materials. The number of prints is not large, and is used by advertising companies that have just started.

 the advertising printing equipment

              The picture above shows the UV1610 advertising printer printing equipment

              Uv2513 advertising printer's printing format is 2.5m * 1.3m. Using Seiko gs1024 print head and Seiko gs508 print head, the printing speed reaches 40 square meters per hour and the printing speed is very fast. It is an industrial machine, which is very suitable for printing materials with large format, such as light box films, banner advertisements, etc. This machine is very suitable for factory enterprises.

 the advertising printing equipment

               The picture above shows the UV2513 advertising printer printing equipment

               About the introduction of the above equipment, maybe you still have a lot of doubts, you can consult Hangzhou Kaler's online customer service

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