What printer is better for a small advertising company?

               Small advertising companies use Hangzhou Kaler's uv1610 advertising printer is better.

               Which printer is better for a small advertising company? There are more and more businesses doing advertising printing, but whether you are a small advertising printing shop or a large advertising printing shop, you need a UV advertising printer. Many customers will ask, I want to be a small advertising store, I do n’t need large equipment, do you have any good cost-effective machines to recommend? Below, I will recommend a small advertising company printing equipment-uv1610 advertising printer.

              Uv1610 advertising printer, printing format 1.6m * 1.0m, using more than 2 Epson print heads or Seiko gs508 print heads, there are no restrictions on the printing material, as long as it is a flat material, it can be printed, and the operation is very simple, requiring only one person Simple ps operator is enough. No, it does not matter, we will have free training in Hangzhou Kale. The printing speed of our device reaches 20 square meters per hour, which is very suitable for advertising store printing. The printing effect is waterproof, scratch-resistant, and fade-proof. The printed picture effect and the actual picture reduction degree reach 99%, so there is no need to worry about color difference. The printing cost is also low. The actual printing cost only needs 5 yuan per square meter, but the cost of our external processing is generally 60-120 square meters, which shows how much profit it has.

What printer is better for a small advertising company

               The picture above shows the UV1610 advertising printer equipment

               The main concern of customers is how much is the small advertising equipment. Our quotations for this equipment are 8.9W-15.2W, depending on the number of nozzles you choose. Then some customers will ask, why do you sell this equipment so expensive? Anyone who knows our equipment knows that we are a small advertising printer equipment in Hangzhou Kale, all parts are imported parts used, all equipment It is carefully developed by the R & D personnel, and it is also an LED lamp. Compared with the mercury lamp used in general equipment, it is safe and harmless, and the printing effect is quick and dry, which can greatly save customer time and increase order volume.

                We Hangzhou Khaler has already served hundreds of advertising companies. We have good equipment and mature solutions. As long as you want to start a business or want to buy advertising printer equipment again, then please find us in Hangzhou Khaler, we will definitely Give you the best service.

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