Outdoor Advertising Printer Brings New Breakthrough in Advertising Field

              Outdoor advertising printers have brought new breakthroughs in the field of advertising. When we are walking in the streets, we will have all kinds of large-format advertisements coming to our eyes. The pictures displayed by them are nothing but the creations of advertising companies to attract everyone's attention. Billboards have become the habitual way for business promotion and brand promotion.

              Large format advertising is actually very simple in terms of printing process, as long as you have a conceived picture, you can print it on a billboard. But the difficulty is how users can perfectly embody the pictures in various types of advertising board materials. These materials generally include: acrylic board, PVC board, cardboard, foam board and other materials. Then this requires outdoor advertising printers that have swept the entire advertising printing market in recent years.

              Nowadays, many outdoor advertising PVC foam board printer equipment have emerged, opening up a new path for the printing and production of large format advertisements. Outdoor advertising printer equipment has the following advantages:

Outdoor Advertising Printer Brings New Breakthrough in Advertising Field

              1. The main outdoor advertising printer is a brand-new printing equipment, which makes up for the lack of traditional screen printing technology in small-volume printing. It can print in large quantities, has good printing effect, and low cost. Less than 5 yuan can greatly improve the printing speed of advertising companies.

              2. In the traditional process, screen printing can of course be printed directly on rigid materials, but various pre-press treatments such as plate making are required. The operation steps are complicated and the cost is increased. However, the outdoor advertising printer is a device that can print on both soft and rigid materials. In the printing process, various prepress and postprint processes such as plate making are not required. You only need to import your designed advertising image into the printing software and click on print to print out a perfect effect of advertising. The operation is very simple and convenient.

              3, outdoor advertising printer printing speed is fast. Outdoor advertising printers use more than 4 Seiko gs508 print heads, and the printing speed reaches 40 square meters per hour. No matter the amount of advertising companies, outdoor advertising printers can help you complete orders in the first time, save time, and get more profits.

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