What are the advantages of metal advertising sign printing technology?

                What are the advantages of metal advertising sign printing technology? There are more and more customers in the metal advertising sign printing industry, some do silk screen printing and some do heat transfer printing, but some customers do UV printing.

                Friends of silk screen printing, are you still burned by the cumbersome process of film, screen, and plate making? Friends of thermal transfer, are you still powerless for color deviation and positioning deviation? Friends of metal advertising signs, you still In the traditional method of making monochrome signs, is there still nothing to do with the colored patterns? There is a metal advertising sign printing machine, that is, a 2513uv printer, which can solve all your problems.

                And what I want to tell you is that, of all the traditional printing press industries, the simplest, lowest cost, and most effective is the metal advertising sign printing press. If you don't believe us, let's go through the following instructions:

the advantages of metal advertising sign printing technology

                The picture above is a case of metal advertising sign printing

                Traditional printing process:

                1. The film in the sun, the cost of screen printing is high, and the printing cost is expensive.

                2, the color is more complicated, once the final version can not be modified.

                3. The process is cumbersome and the production cycle is long.

                4. Due to the high cost of plate making, mass production is required to reduce costs.

                5. Repeated overprinting waste rate is high, color deviation is large.

                6. Skilled workers with many years of experience are required.

                7. A large proportion of staff need more hand-made.

                Metal advertising sign printing machine process:

                1. No need to make a plate, printing is fast and low cost, and various output software can be used.

                2. Change the color directly by computer, you can change the color anytime, anywhere without paying extra costs.

                3. One step is completed, that is, print and take, to meet the needs of quick sample and finished products.

                4. Printing from unit price, stencil printing in large quantities can save time and effort.

                5. Full-color image is completed in one time, and the progressive color fully achieves the photo quality effect.

               6. It can be quickly mastered and produced without any professional skills.

               7, computer operation, no personnel to rely on, upgrade space is large.

               8. Mass production of individual output.

               The metal advertising sign printing machine is directly connected to the computer. As long as the design draft (pictures, photos) is input to the computer, printing can be completed directly on any material. Many colors are successfully printed at one time. Mass production can fill the printed objects according to the printing area, that is It can print at one time, and the operation is simple and convenient.

                9.Ultra-low cost without plate making

                Free of intermediate consumables, such as: transfer paper, crystal glue, crystal film, high-temperature adhesive tape, thermal transfer equipment, metal advertising sign printing machine production costs, only 5 yuan per square meter, because there is no complicated plate making process, so proofing, The production time is greatly shortened, and it has the characteristics of rapid sampling for the proofing production in the factory, and the processing cost is doubled.

                How about, after reading this introduction, are you interested in metal advertising sign printing machines? If so, please consult our online customer service, we will help you solve all your questions.

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