What are the commonly used outdoor advertising printers?

              What are the common outdoor advertisements for advertising inkjet printers? There are more and more companies doing advertising inkjet printing because the advertising printing market is getting larger and larger, and outdoor advertising is characterized by wide coverage, wide selection of regions and consumers, strong visual impact, and colorful expressions. Therefore, it has attracted increasing attention from many advertising companies or customers who want to print advertising materials. What are the commonly used types of outdoor advertising inkjet printers? Hangzhou Kale will introduce you below.

the commonly used outdoor advertising printers

              The realization of the creativeness and design effect of outdoor advertising. All walks of life eagerly hope to quickly enhance the corporate image and disseminate business information. Governments at all levels also hope to establish a city image and beautify the city through Hangzhou Kaler advertising sign printers. These have provided a huge market opportunity for outdoor production of advertising inkjet printers, and therefore put forward higher requirements.

              1. Large-scale advertising signboards mainly refer to the billboards on the exterior walls of buildings, which are generally large in size, and some of them have an area of more than 500 square meters.

               2. Sidewalk billboards. Hangzhou Kale refers to small billboards, light boxes, column advertisements on the sides of sidewalks, or advertisements posted on signboards. Generally, the distance is 2-5 meters from the ground. Effective.

               3. Traffic advertisements are mainly set up in some public places related to transportation, such as stations, airports, highways, bus stations and other places. Its main forms are body advertisements, carriage advertisements, seat cover advertisements, and ticket advertisements. Traffic advertising generally uses advertising inkjet printers to produce and publish at relatively low cost.

                In addition to the above types of advertising materials, in fact, the advertising inkjet printer can also print other material types. The advertising inkjet printer is a device that can print as long as it is a flat material. The printer must be your first choice.

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