Causes of poor print quality on advertising printers

               Due to the poor print clarity of advertising printers, advertising printers are becoming more and more widely used in the printing market. Many businesses choose to purchase advertising printers. However, for new advertising printers, some customers have problems in the process of using them. It ’s not too familiar, but the dilemma is difficult. For example, the picture printed by the advertising printer is not clear or the resolution is poor. What should I do?

Causes of poor print quality on advertising printers

               The image of the advertising printer is blurred, there are incomplete graphics in the image, and the fineness of the spray nozzle is not adjusted properly. Mainly due to the selection of inkjet resolution does not match the print. With the nozzle moving left and right. There is a certain height from the printed matter. Will produce a parabola at an angle. Advertising printer pattern borders are blurred. Poor accuracy. The colors are not bright enough, so when printing, adjust the print head to the proper height.

               The color gradation in the pattern is not rich enough. The phenomenon is that the pattern layer transition is unnatural, the color tone is not strong, and the layer is smoother. The reason is that the ink is improperly selected or is not suitable for the printed matter. Advertising printer printing should change the color level by the number of droplets ejected.

               Advertising printers sometimes cause the phenomenon of dull color and brilliance due to the mixing of extra color points, which solves the problem of light-colored areas. The effect of increasing the density can be achieved by using two kinds of colorants, dark color and light color.

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