Why should users choose a universal printer?

              Why should users choose a universal printer? In recent years, more and more people have purchased universal printers to start businesses and develop markets. The response has been good. Many users have purchased machines from Kaler for a second time to expand the market, which proves the possibility of universal printers becoming rich. So why are everyone eager to buy a universal printer? Presumably the reason is because of the following points:

             First, the printing steps are simple

             Universal printer is easy to operate, computer-controlled throughout, no need to make a plate, directly put the printing material on the universal printer, set the parameters of the pattern to be printed, import it into the printing software, and click print to complete the whole step.

             Second, the printing position is accurate

             The universal flatbed printer no longer follows the traditional printing mode and method, and it is no longer the simple manual operation and manual printing in the past. It has a better organic combination with higher-tech computer synthesis and automatic control technology, which can be very accurate. The areas and positions that need to be printed avoid the problem of position shift encountered in manual printing. And because it is multi-color printing at one time, there is no color registration.

Why should users choose a universal printer

             Three, very suitable for color printing

             Traditional printing methods, such as silk screen printing cannot make all color transitions according to the picture, so the effect of silk screen printing will have clear color boundaries. Among the two colors, it is difficult to reflect the color transition according to the picture itself. Universal printers can perfectly meet this demand, break through the bottlenecks caused by screen printing, thermal transfer and other printing methods, and find new profit growth points for customers.

Why should users choose a universal printer

            Fourth, suitable for printing of multiple materials

            Now a few are using universal printers to develop the personalization field. There are not a few printing, for example, mobile phone cases, this is the most common, as well as advertising boards, home living rooms, bedroom background walls, screens, desktops and so on.

           Universal printers, one is simple to operate, and the other is to meet the needs of the times market, to meet the needs of modern people for color diversification, etc., because it has just become active in the market, its market potential is inestimable.

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