Features of Universal Printer

             Introduction to the characteristics of universal printers, Hangzhou Kale is a professional manufacturer specializing in R & D, production and sales of universal printers. So far, it has provided thousands of universal printers to all walks of life, and has been favored by people in various industries. Hangzhou Kale's goal is to provide better universal printers for more industries and allow better universal printers to enter different fields.

            Universal printer is a professional UV ink, which is a printer that does not contact the printing material during printing. It has low printing cost, high efficiency, and no plate making or printing. Simple processing of pictures can realize easy printing, and the printing effect has the characteristics of bright colors, water resistance, sun protection and scratch resistance.

Features of Universal Printer

            The picture above shows the features of the universal printer.

            Hangzhou Kaler universal printers have been applied to many fields, including ceramics, glass, metal, acrylic, PVC, craft industry, advertising industry and other traditional printing industries which are difficult to overcome. For traditional industries, special materials such as printed glass and ceramic tiles require a series of pre-press and post-press processing, which is cumbersome and extremely inefficient. The application of universal printers has greatly improved the plight of these industries, and the pre-press and post-processing of special materials have become simpler, faster, and more efficient.

             For the machine itself, Hangzhou Kale Universal Printer uses Seiko gs508 dual print heads, which is more than twice as fast as its counterparts in printing speed, the fastest printing can reach nearly 40 square meters per hour, and the accuracy can reach 2880dpi. , Make the color more vivid, the effect is more realistic, to meet the requirements of many industries for high-precision printing.

             Hangzhou Kaler universal printer has low printing cost, can print from a single piece, and output multiple pictures at the same time. It is suitable for small businesses with small orders and diverse sample production requirements.

            At present, compared to the traditional printing industry, universal printers make up for many of the shortcomings of traditional silk printing. It is believed that in the future, universal printers will grow faster and more demand.

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