How to choose a cost-effective glass printer?

                How to choose a cost-effective glass printer that is suitable for printing glass glass printers include Carr's medium-sized civilian UV1610 glass printer and industrial-grade UV glass 2513 printer. These two printers have high printing accuracy, bright product colors, and good results, and the UV ink used in the printer is green and pollution-free.

               So, how to buy a glass printer? There are still some small manufacturers in the market that are improving and selling traditional photo machines. Such improved photo machines are prone to failure and often cost tens of thousands to buy back but cannot be used. Therefore, Xiaobian suggested that when buying glass printers, you should choose a large brand manufacturer. In addition, you must also master some methods for selecting a universal printer.


choose a cost-effective glass printe

               method one:

               Starting from the nozzle, the glass itself is a smooth material with high surface reflection. Therefore, it is recommended to use industrial-grade printheads. This printhead has not only good printing results but also good printhead quality. One printhead can be used for 1-3 years, unlike some Epson printheads. Improper use will cause the printhead to take less than 2 months. It's scrapped, it seems cheap, but it costs 50,000 to 60,000 to replace the nozzles six times a year. With the development of industrial sprinkler technology, not only the speed is far faster than the civilian sprinkler, but also the accuracy is better than the civilian precision.

choose a cost-effective glass printe

              Method Two:

              Starting from the format, if glass is used as the background wall, then a larger format printing machine is needed. For example, the UV2513 glass printer is very suitable. The industrial-grade print head used in this printer has a printing speed of 38 square meters per hour. If you print glass The format is relatively small, so you can use uv1610 glass printer to print. If it is smaller than this, then it is not recommended to buy. The printing format is too small, not only the printing speed is slow, but the quality is not so good.

choose a cost-effective glass printe

              Method three:

              Depending on the strength of the manufacturer, we need to look at three points. The first point is the type of equipment of the manufacturer. If there are industrial-grade nozzle equipment, it proves that the strength is high. If most of them are modified machines such as A4-A1, then no need Considered.

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