Background wall UV printer details

             The background wall UV printer is introduced in detail. The function of the background wall UV printer is very advanced. It can choose pictures according to the decoration characteristics and preferences that customers like, such as Chinese style, European style, modern style, etc. to do personalized custom printing. It prints the pattern directly on the tile background wall, that is, it can be dried immediately, without the need for repeated color registration, plate making, printing, and filming. The printed background wall has the characteristics of never fading, waterproof, moisture-proof and durable.

              Background wall UV printers can be customized and customized according to your decoration standards, so maybe they are unique in your neighborhood. As the main material for decoration, ceramic tiles can express the taste and artistic accomplishment of the owner, so how to choose pictures and materials is very important, and the background wall UV printer can help you handle this question.

Background wall UV printer details

              Background wall UV printer can provide decoration for different places in various occasions:

              Family: TV set wall, sofa set, bedside set, theme wall, entrance, study, etc .; service industry: beauty shop, restaurant, cinema, studio, conference room, tea room, etc .; wall decoration and exhibitions, exhibitions, booths Decoration, high-end counters, corporate image walls, etc.

Background wall UV printer details

              The advantages of background wall UV printer:

              1. Simple and easy. After using the background wall UV printer, the operator can get rid of the tedious work of plate making, stencil printing and repeated overprinting. There is no need to use thermal transfer or all kinds of things in silk screen printing. Instead, it is a computer, a The background wall UV printer saves manpower, material and financial resources, and it is immediately desirable.

              2, strong machine performance. The use of industrial-grade nozzles, the smallest ink droplets 7pl, 508 nozzles, excellent print quality comparable to photos, smooth gradation and delicate details performance saves 50% of ink costs compared to the six-color system, uniform solid color density performance.

Background wall UV printer details

              3. The machining center finishes to ensure the plane error is within 0.005mm. After natural aging treatment in January to ensure no deformation after processing, 4mm thick square steel is welded. The bridge trial structure design guarantees the stability of the all-aluminum platform and machine.

              4. Imported UV inks are green, bright in color, and stable. According to the US Waste Standard (RCRA), waste does not contain harmful ingredients. Flexible ink has strong tensile resistance, can stretch 20% on the original basis without breaking. Good fluency, printing without drawing, not easy to plug, high temperature resistance, strong adhesion.

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