About Hangzhou Flat Printing Processing

               Regarding the introduction of flat printing processing in Hangzhou, many customers who do personalized customization want to find a printing processing manufacturer in Hangzhou, but they don't know what the specific situation is. The following is a brief introduction to Hangzhou flat printing processing.

               Flat printing processing, which means using a flatbed printer for printing processing. And the printing material is also not limited, whether you are doing tiled glass background wall, personalized mobile phone case customization or advertising printing, as long as it is flat and the thickness is less than 8cm, you can print.

              In Hangzhou, there are only a few good flat printer manufacturers. As one of them, we are not only selling machines in Hangzhou, but we are also very experienced in flat printing. Many customers will ask us, how much does it cost for you to make large flat-panel printers? Is it fast? How about quality? Let's talk about these questions that customers are most puzzled about.

              Processing price: Our processing cost is calculated by square. The processing cost per square meter is 60-120 yuan. Whether you are a full-size image or a small-format image, we are calculated by square meters, not by the size of the pattern.

              Processing speed: Our Kahl flatbed printer has a printing speed of 25-40 square meters per hour, so the processing speed is very fast. If you have a small amount, then one day is enough. If the quantity is large, time is measured according to the specific quantity.

About Hangzhou Flat Printing Processing

              Processing quality: The printing quality of our Kahl flatbed printers has undergone various inspections. The printed media does not fade, and is waterproof, scratch-resistant, and can be stored outdoors for ten years. The highest precision can achieve photo-level effects. The printing technicians are also rigorously trained, have rich operation experience, and have almost no printing waste.

About Hangzhou Flat Printing Processing

              But we recommend that before you do processing, you can consult our online customer service to confirm the quantity and delivery time to be printed, which can save more delivery time and printing costs.

              We do not only sell equipment, we also do processing, welcome customers and friends to come to process.

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