Universal printers everywhere

The universal printer that travels the world is a universal printer recently broadcast on TV. This device can print personalized patterns on various materials such as glass, tile, metal, stone, etc. It is also called uv in the industry. Printer. It is mainly because it uses UV ink, which is directly printed on the surface of the material, and can be cured by the LED cold light source lamp, which greatly shortens the time of the finished product.

Universal printers everywhere

       However, the universal printers appearing all over the world are, strictly speaking, small modified machines in the industry in the early years of 2008-10. The original 4880 and 7880 models were dismantled and reassembled. The internal motherboard program is also used before, and has been modified. So it will cause instability, high failure rate, short life and other defects.

       With the continuous progress of the industry, some large manufacturers in the early days have launched original universally developed universal printers, which are widely used in various industries. Like the popular mobile phone case photos in recent years, the DIY industry and the tiled glass TV background wall industry are all made with this universal printer.

Universal printers everywhere

      What are the differences between original universal printers and universal printers that have traveled all over the world?

      1. Printing speed, the original industrial type, the speed can already reach 40 square meters / hour, universal printers traveling around the world can only be 1-2 square meters / hour.

      2, printing types, the original universal printer can print leather, tiles, acrylic and other hundreds of materials, different shapes and sizes. The latter can only print small, basic materials.

      3. Service life, original equipment, the service life of the machine is between 8 years and 10 years, and the service life of the nozzle is replaced every 2-3 years; on the contrary, the service life of the latter is 3-5 months, which is not suitable for long-term use. .

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