Is the printing cost of glass printers high?

              Is the printing cost of glass printers high? There are many types of glass inkjet printers, including 6090 glass inkjet printers, 1610 glass inkjet printers, 2513 glass inkjet printers and other equipment. Many customers who purchase the machine will worry about the printing cost of the printer equipment in the process of understanding the machine. The following section describes the cost of the printer from three aspects to help users friends identify whether the cost of the glass printer is high.

           First aspect: efficiency cost. Including production speed, scrap rate, consumables and other costs. Considering the cost of the glass inkjet printer, it is necessary to print out the total electricity consumption, consumables, equipment depreciation, etc. of the product from the unit time. Based on a piece of glass, the total cost of printing one square meter does not exceed 5 yuan.

Is the printing cost of glass printers high

             Second aspect: labor costs. Generally, the cost of enterprise personnel accounts for one third or more of the total cost of the enterprise. How to reduce personnel expenses has become an effective means to reduce costs while ensuring benefits. The glass inkjet printer cancels the traditional plate making, film, overprint, baking and other links. Overall, the original printing staff can be reduced to one quarter.

Is the printing cost of glass printers high

              The third aspect: cost of added value. The market accepts new printing needs such as personalization, customization, 3D, 4D, and relief. Traditional printing equipment has been increasingly unable to meet consumer demand. The same printing costs and the increase in added value will help companies earn more profits.

Is the printing cost of glass printers high

               So how much is the glass inkjet printer? Our Kale glass inkjet industrial machine uses industrial nozzles, and the price is between 5-298,000, the specific price we have to choose according to the specific needs of customers.

               If you want to know the advantages of glass inkjet printers, you can also check the article "Benefits of 3d glass inkjet printers", I believe that you will have different views on glass inkjet printers.

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