Introduction to the advantages of universal printers

                Introduction to the advantages of universal printers, many consultants will ask, what is the meaning of the word "universal" for universal printers? Yes, universal printers are actually UV printers. Equipment that can be printed within 10cm (cotton, mirror, silicone cannot be printed). So no matter what material you use, you can use it.

               I. Functions of Universal Printer:

              1. It is suitable for any material and has a wide range of compatible surfaces.

              2, no need to make a plate, printing is fast and low cost, can use a variety of output software, support a variety of file formats.

              3. Equipped with professional color management software, you can change the color anytime, anywhere without paying extra costs.

              4. One step is completed, that is, print and take, to meet the needs of quick sample and finished products.

              5. Unit price printing can be matched with stencil printing in large quantities, saving time and effort.

              6. Full-color image is completed at one time. The progressive color completely achieves the photo quality effect, the positioning is accurate, and the reject rate is almost zero.

              7. It only takes 30 minutes to master and make excellent products without professional skills.

              8. Computer operation, no staff dependency, large upgrade space.

Introduction to the advantages of universal printers

             Second, the advantages of universal printers:

             1. Using original all-steel industrial-grade industrial nozzles, the accuracy, speed, durability and stability are considered world-class! Features of long life, color gamut extended to 8 colors, impeccable color reproduction, nozzle calibration is easier, Brings optimized print performance and speed.

             2. Equipped with silver mute guide rail, X axis adopts German steel belt for higher accuracy and longer life. The Y-axis adopts a silver dual-screw transmission system to ensure printing accuracy, improve printing quality, and make the equipment life longer.

             3. Realize printing of various colored or transparent media. Flexible white inks are also suitable for flexible hard materials. You can set up to print two layers at a time, and the three-layer mode (color and white can be combined as required) to increase the printing effect.

             4. The brand new original imported servo motor has smoother speed, lower noise, lower heat, stronger overload capacity, and can accept higher intensity working time.

             5. Special custom aluminum alloy adsorption panel, higher strength, not easy to deform, equipped with 4 high horsepower fans, can be divided into 2 areas, making processed products more abundant.

             Universal printers are so powerful. In fact, its printing method is more unique. Unlike ordinary printers on the market, its printing method is inkjet, which is sprayed out by precise control little by little. In other words, during the printing process, there is no actual contact between the universal printer and the object. Is n’t it amazing? The content related to the function of the universal printer is shared with you here. For more, please pay attention to "Universal Color Inkjet Printer" and "Universal Printer Features".

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