Hangzhou glass printer features you didn't know

               Hangzhou glass printer you do not know the characteristics! As we all know, Hangzhou glass printer has fast printing speed and low input cost. High-speed printing is completely suitable for industrial mass production. It can print any medium within the specified thickness and its thickness can reach 8cm. And Hangzhou glass printer can meet the surface of various media, such as flat , Arc and circle, no restrictions. So what are the characteristics of Hangzhou glass printers? Let ’s take a look at them one by one:

I. Intelligent height adjustment

              Hangzhou glass printer adopts horizontally moving vertical jet structure, which can use various raw materials conveniently and freely. After easy placement, it can be automatically raised and lowered to the appropriate printing height. And can automatically set the batch production automatic feeding time, eliminating the need to repeat the computer steps.

Hangzhou glass printer features you didn't know

                Diversity of printing effect

                Hangzhou glass printer can print a variety of flat patterns on glass, 3D relief effect, and DIY printing. This printing equipment can be said to meet any needs of customers. As long as you have a pixel-high picture, import it into the color management software independently developed by Carle, and you can complete all printing.

               Three, high-precision perfect printing

               Hangzhou glass printer has a minimum ink drop of 7pl and 508/1024 nozzles. Its excellent print quality is comparable to that of photos. Smooth gradients and delicate details can save 50% of ink costs compared to the six-color system, and uniform solid color density. At the same time, the printed pattern has clear and perfect printing quality, clear layers, and all color blocks are visible. There is no color shift, color mixing, water resistance, abrasion resistance, quality non-thermal transfer, silk screen and other traditional processes.

Hangzhou glass printer features you didn't know

               4. Imported environmental protection ink

               The imported UV ink is green, bright in color, and good in stability. According to the US Waste Standard (RCRA), waste does not contain harmful ingredients. Flexible ink has strong tensile resistance, can stretch 20% on the original basis without breaking. Good fluency, printing without drawing, not easy to plug, high temperature resistance, strong adhesion.

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