Hangzhou UV flatbed printer configuration introduction Daquan

           Hangzhou UV flatbed printer configuration introduction Daquan, whether it is the advertising industry, background wall industry, or metal, mobile phone shell industry, can be well applied to UV flatbed printers, but many people do not know so much about Hangzhou UV flatbed printers, so When customers ask the price of the machine, they will ask, your machine is more than 100,000? Why do others only need tens of thousands? What is the configuration of your machine? So regarding this issue, the following call came introduce:

Hangzhou UV flatbed printer configuration introduction Daquan

          What are the configuration of Hangzhou UV flatbed printer.

          In order to ensure the high reliability and advancedness of the products, the materials of Hangzhou UV lar ge-scale flatbed printer system are all selected from domestic or international high-quality brand-name products. Specifically:

          1, Japan Seiko original all-steel industrial-grade sprinkler 

          Accuracy, speed, durability and stability are world-class! Features of long life, extended color gamut to 8 colors, impeccable color reproduction, easier nozzle calibration, and optimized print performance and speed.

          2, brand new original imported servo motor 

          The rotation speed is more stable, the noise is lower, the heat is lower, the overload capacity is stronger, and it can accept higher intensity working time. 

          3.Special custom aluminum alloy adsorption panel 

          Higher strength, not easy to deform, equipped with 4 high horsepower fans, can be divided into 2 areas, making processed products more abundant.

          4. Equipped with silver mute guide rail, X axis adopts German steel belt for higher accuracy and longer life. The Y-axis adopts the silver dual-screw transmission system to ensure printing accuracy, improve printing quality, and make the equipment life longer. 

          5. Powerful ink system 

          Pneumatic negative pressure ink supply method to ensure the long-term stability of negative pressure, ensure the stability of ink supply, and improve print quality and work efficiency. 

          6.Circuit control function

          Double-grating control system, adding automatic white jumping function to increase your production efficiency and business efficiency. 

          7. Full square steel finishing frame

          Fine machining center to ensure the plane error within 0.005mm. After natural aging treatment in January to ensure no deformation after processing, 4mm thick square steel is welded. The bridge trial structure design guarantees the stability of the all-aluminum platform and machine. 

          If you still don't know anything about the configuration of our machines, you can consult our online customer service. We will give you a detailed explanation. You can also check out the following articles "UV flatbed printer market prospects" and "What is a UV flatbed printer".

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