What are the market advantages of metal printers?

          1.Metal printers meet individual needs

          What are the market advantages of metal printers? A metal printer is a picture that looks exactly like a photo on metal as long as you have the original image and use computer printing software. It can maximize the personal needs of people. Design pictures can be arbitrarily modified on the computer. The effect on the computer is the effect after the finished product, which can be made directly after the customer is satisfied.

          2, the color of metal printer is not restricted

         No need to make screens, save a lot of time, pattern design and changes can be performed on the computer screen, color matching can be performed with the mouse, no cost of making screens, reducing time and saving printing materials, reducing labor expenditure.

What are the market advantages of metal printers

         3. The metal printer has a fast response speed and shortens the working cycle.

         In the past, it took several days or even tens of days for a product from design, proofing to delivery, but the finished product can be obtained within 1 to 2 hours by applying UV printing technology, and the production batch is not limited. Efficient production process. The process is short, the finished product is the finished product, and no post-treatment processes such as steaming and washing are needed; the flexibility is strong, and the customer can print it in a short time after selecting the solution.

          4. Metal printer is environmentally friendly and reduces pollution

          No water, no sewage, metal sign printer controlled by computer, inkjet on demand, no waste, no waste water pollution, no noise during printing. Achieve pollution-free green production process.

          5. Metal printers are rich in color, and the images are clear and vivid.

          Traditional screen printing with more than 10 sets of colors is very difficult. Metal printers are rich in color. Whether it is a full-color pattern or gradient color printing, it is easy to achieve a color photo-level effect. Greatly expanded the product design space and improved the product grade. Metal printers print fine patterns, rich and clear layers, high artistry, strong three-dimensional sense, and can print photographic and painting style patterns.

What are the market advantages of metal printers

          6, metal printer can print relief, strong three-dimensional sense, feel comfortable

          White ink can be used to print embossed images, making color-printed patterns come alive, and giving designers more room to play. More importantly, the printing process is not troublesome at all, just like a home printer, it can be printed once Immediate drying is unmatched by ordinary production technology. It is clear that the future development of metal printers is unlimited!

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