Introduction of application direction of universal printer

            Introduction to the application direction of universal printers, as an ace machine in the printing industry, universal printers are very popular in the market. However, some customers in some industries do not know whether the universal printer is suitable for their own use. The following is a brief introduction of the application direction of the universal printer.

           一, the advertising industry

           There are more and more customers in the advertising printing industry. As we all know, the advertising industry is a very broad industry. It not only contains the street banner advertisements we see in the streets, but also includes house signs, signs, light boxes, acrylic boards, etc., so the market is very large.

Universal printer as a printing speed of 38 square meters per hour, printing accuracy of 1440dpi, at the same time the cost is only 5 yuan per square meter, the adhesion is also very good and other advantages, has become the advertising industry's preferred equipment.

Introduction of application direction of universal printer

           二 、 Glass industry

          Glass itself is a material with weak adhesion, but when it comes to a universal printer, things are solved very well. As long as you apply a coating and then use a universal printer to print, you will get the perfect printing effect. .

          Does not fade, strong adhesion, personalized customization, printing accuracy, speed, durability and stability are considered world-class.

Introduction of application direction of universal printer

          三. Tile Industry

          Universal printer printing ceramic tile material is a popular printing equipment accepted by the public in the past two years. It uses the latest printing technology of the day and special production technology to print any favorite pattern to different materials we see every day. On ordinary tiles, each regular tile becomes a piece of art, and then the tile is laid on the interior wall to become a tile background wall.

          Because it is individual customization, the universal printer can be customized according to the actual size of the decoration of the home, and the personality of the pattern is selected. The unique experience gradually makes it the first choice for people's decoration.

Introduction of application direction of universal printer

          四. Leather Industry

          Leather is a device that requires very high adhesion, color, and printing speed. Universal printers are just the first choice for the leather printing industry because of their printing quality, water resistance, scratch resistance, and color fading, as well as good luster, fast printing speed, low scrap rate, and guaranteed colorfastness for ten years.

Introduction of application direction of universal printer

          五. Other industries

          Customers who know universal printers know that universal printer is a device that can print as long as it is a flat material. If you are not doing the above-mentioned materials, but your material is flat, you can print. And the printing effect is equally good.

Introduction of application direction of universal printer

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