Demystifying the Universal Printer Head

          Demystifying the Universal Printer Head The print head is the most important part of a universal printer. The quality of the print head directly affects the efficiency and print quality of the enterprise in daily operations. However, there are many types of nozzles on the market. There are both cheap and expensive. Below is a description of what kind of universal printer nozzle is good.

Demystifying the Universal Printer Head

          Universal printer nozzle classification: 

          Low-grade: mainly the nozzles of the eposn series, which are mainly used in civilian equipment and modified equipment. The main manufacturers are small and medium manufacturers.

          Medium level: Konica nozzle 512, GEN4 nozzle, mainly used in large equipment, for small processing plants. 

          High-end level: Seiko GS508 / GS1024, Konica 1024 and other nozzles, GEN5 nozzles, etc., which are mainly used in the industrial field, the user group is mostly large factories or private enterprises with very large processing capacity.

          Which kind of universal printer nozzle is good? 

          Universal printer nozzle is definitely the most expensive nozzle. In terms of the current high-end GS508 print heads and GS1024 print heads, the former sells for 13,000 and the latter sells for 22,000. Its accuracy, speed, durability and stability are considered world-class! Features of long life, color The range is extended to 8 colors, the color reproduction is impeccable, and the nozzle calibration is easier, which brings optimized printing performance and speed. So no matter from the details of accuracy, speed, life, etc., it is better than the nozzle below this price. 

          How do we identify universal printer nozzles?

          First trick: Look at the source of the nozzle. The nozzle supplied directly by the manufacturer is guaranteed. Refurbished and used nozzles rarely appear. On the contrary, the nozzles provided by online or some intermediary companies are mostly of poor quality. 

          Second move: Look at the nozzle price. A nozzle, no matter how good it is, if it costs a few thousand, it can only indicate that this nozzle has a fatal flaw, or its performance is not as good as the publicity.

          Third move: Look at the life and stability of the print head. A nozzle can only be considered as a good nozzle if it is stable and will not easily block or fly ink. The service life is more than 1 year. On the contrary, if the nozzle is blocked in a few months, it can only be a low-end nozzle. 

          The print head is a core part of the universal printer, so we hope that customers must choose carefully during the purchase process. If the choice is not good, then some failures in the later use process will not only waste maintenance costs but also delay processing. Time is said to be caused by small losses.

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