Common areas of woodblock printing for universal printers

          Common areas of universal printer board printing, customers who know universal printers know that universal printers are widely used, but there are also some customers who will have concerns. Can wood boards be printed? Of course, wood boards can be printed, so the next step is Kale universal printer manufacturers introduce the common areas of printing wood boards for universal printers.

          But first of all, I want to remind everyone that the universal printer can be printed on the wood material: lacquered board, solid wood board, melamine board, density board, synthetic board and the like.

          1, wood board packaging industry application of universal printer

          Our common tea wooden boxes, red wine wooden boxes, wooden gift boxes, and other packaging products. One of the advantages of universal printers used in wooden box packaging is personalized customization. Many product packages will have a bar code and date labeling and so on. To individual customization, these individual customizations require more consumable costs and time with traditional printing processes, and universal printers can print all the individual patterns in one version and save time.

Common areas of woodblock printing for universal printers.

          2, Daily application of universal printer

          In daily applications, high-end clocks, wooden trays, jewelry boxes, storage boxes, advertising signs and other product color printing can be used in universal printers. These products pay more attention to the color and firmness of the pattern color printing. The universal printer is color controlled by computer control and fine print head. With the universal printer, the products with natural transition and strong color can be printed with color.

          3. Decoration industry application of universal printer

          Universal printer as a pattern color printing equipment, as long as you choose the right industry, it is a weapon to make money. There is no shortage of wooden furniture in home decoration, such as small desks, wooden cabinets, wooden cabinet doors, wooden screens, etc. Under the trend of popularization of modern decoration, in order to increase the interior beauty, we must use colorful furniture However, universal printers can reduce the cost of furniture customization.

Common areas of woodblock printing for universal printers.

          4. Gift industry application of universal printer

          In addition to the applications in the above industries, the 1610 universal printer introduced by Kaler has brought a new gift color printing technology to the gift industry. Whether it is gift decoration, jewelry, etc., you can use the universal printer to start a business.

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