How to choose a good universal printer?

            How to choose a good universal printer? How to choose a universal printer suitable for your own production? I believe that every customer who wants to buy a universal printer has considered this issue. Here are some suggestions for purchase from the karler universal printer manufacturers.

           1, factory direct sales, after sales are guaranteed

The purpose of our universal printer is for production and processing. Therefore, we can't just consider the economical and practicality or aesthetics of the product like the buyer's electricity. There is also a more important thing is the maturity of the technology.

           As a universal printer manufacturer, you must have at least your own technical R & D team and a complete set of after-sales service processes for manufacturers. The Caler universal printer manufacturer tells you why you should pay attention to after sales?

          Universal printers are machines used in production. In the process of use, it is inevitable that the machine will cause problems due to human error. At this time, we need to have after-sale protection from the supplier. Therefore, when buying a universal printer, we need to check whether the manufacturer provides After-sales service and the completeness of its service process are taken into consideration in the purchase impact.

How to choose a good universal printer

          2, the quality of universal printer is the stability of operation

          The stability of the universal printer is a key factor in the purchase of the machine. When each user purchases a universal printer, the manufacturer will consciously propose a service for proofing or printing samples on-site for customers. This action not only solves the problem of whether the machine is suitable for printing users' products, but also a good opportunity for users to test the stability of the machine.

          3. Nozzle of universal printer

          The life of a universal printer is determined by the machine's control system and fuselage structure, but there is also a very important part is the print head. The print heads include Epson, Seiko, Ricoh, Kyocera, etc. Epson is a civilian print head. It is very long, so it is not recommended to consider. For other nozzles, customers can choose the machine that suits their nozzles according to their needs.

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