Is universal printer ink harmful to the human body?

          Is universal printer ink harmful to human body? UV ink is the most important consumable in the process of using a universal printer, but some customers will worry about whether the material printed by the universal printer ink is harmful to the human body when purchasing a universal printer? Here we will give Everyone explain.

          UV inks used by universal printers are not harmful to the human body.

          The universal printer inks used by Kaler manufacturers, regardless of whether the UV ink is soft ink or hard ink, are imported UV inks.

Is universal printer ink harmful to the human body

          Imported UV inks are green, bright in color, and good in stability. According to the US Waste Standard (RCRA), waste does not contain harmful ingredients. Flexible ink has strong tensile resistance, can stretch 20% on the original basis without breaking. Good fluency, printing without drawing, not easy to plug, high temperature resistance, strong adhesion.

          However, we need to pay attention to the fact that universal printer inks are inedible. If you accidentally consume universal printer inks, you need to seek medical treatment immediately. In addition, the harm of universal printer inks outside the human body is minimal, so customers need not worry about such problems . But even though UV ink is not poisonous, it is not absolutely harmless, and hygienic conditions need to be paid attention to during work.

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