What is the reason why universal printer cannot print silicone?

           What is the reason why universal printer cannot print silicone? Some customers who make silicone handicrafts or other silicone products will ask us if there is a machine suitable for them to print patterns on silicone materials. However, when consulting, we will tell customers that silicone cannot be printed with a universal printer. It is said that universal printers including UV inks in the entire industry cannot print well on silicone.

the reason why universal printer cannot print silicone

           Why can't universal printer print silicone material?

           Because silica gel is divided into high-density silica gel and low-density silica gel. As we all know, silica gel is soft, and it is difficult to avoid being bent when using silica gel. UV inks for universal printers are rigid inks. , Once the soft silicone is bent, the pattern will break, and the serious will directly fade.

           Compared with high-density silica gel, the low-density silica gel uses UV ink to penetrate the media. Relatively speaking, it is not easy to fade even if it is bent, but cracks will still occur. Of course, stop bending to restore the silica gel , The whole pattern is restored again. But even so, we do not recommend users to print silicone with a universal printer.

           In general, the technology of applying silicone material for UV inks used by universal printers is not yet mature. Of course, after some processes, universal printers can still print on silicone without fading, but the process is more complicated and the technology is applied. It is difficult to increase production, so we do not recommend it to customers, at least for now, we do not recommend our universal printers to customers.

           However, as a self-developed universal printer manufacturer, Khaler is constantly working on this. I believe that in the near future, customers of silicone can also use our universal printer to easily print all kinds of pictures they want.

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