Where is the industrial flatbed printer?

          What are the advantages of industrial flatbed printers? In the process of understanding the machine, customers will find that the types of machines produced by each company are different, some are specialized in industrial machines (Seiko, Ricoh, etc.), some are Epson civilian flat printers, and some manufacturers Various types of flat-panel printer equipment are made, but we will find a common feature. Manufacturers generally introduce customers to buy industrial-grade flat-panel printers to customers, instead of introducing flat-panel printers for customers. Take Caler as an example to explain why this is so.

          First, the quality of industrial-grade flatbed printer nozzles is good.

          First of all, we all know that there are different types of nozzles, such as industrial-grade nozzles such as Seiko gs508 / Seiko gs1024, Ricoh nozzles, Kyocera nozzles, and civilian nozzles with Epson nozzles. The price and life of each type of nozzle are different, for example, the life of Seiko nozzles is 3-5 years (12,000 / piece), Ricoh is 1-2 years (22,000 / piece), and Epson nozzles Life is only 6 months (7.5 thousand / piece). In terms of nozzle life, industrial-grade nozzles are 2-5 times longer than civilian-type nozzles, but the price is only doubled. In terms of nozzle life, flatbed printers with industrial printheads are more practical than flatbed printers with civilian printheads.

the industrial flatbed printer

           Second, industrial flatbed printers have fast printing speed.

           We all know that the flatbed printers with industrial printheads are equipped with 5 printheads, 4 colors plus one white, and the printing speed is 40 square meters / h, while the flatbed printers with civil printheads are colorful, but a flatbed printer only Can install 2 nozzles, the printing speed is 15 square meters / h, the printing speed is very slow. If the enterprise requires high production speed, industrial flatbed printers are definitely the first choice. After all, the speed is nearly 2.5 times faster, which is obvious to everyone. .

          Third, the maintenance cost of industrial flatbed printers is low.

          The life of industrial flatbed printer nozzles is 3-5 years, and it is not easy to plug. The life of civil flatbed printer nozzles is 6 months, and it is very easy to plug, which affects the printing efficiency of enterprises. It can be seen from the perspective of time that although the initial The investment cost is high, but the maintenance cost of industrial flatbed printers is very low, which is why so many customers choose industrial flatbed printers.

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