Introduction to Flatbed Printer Printing Process

          Brief introduction of flatbed printer printing process, we all know that flatbed printer can print a wide range of materials, covering a wide range of industries, and the printing cost is low (5 yuan a square), fast (40 square meters / hour), high accuracy (1440 * 1440dpi), its appearance has been widely recognized by customers. However, some customers will also ask us what the flatbed printer's printing process is and is it easy to operate? The following editor will introduce the flatbed printer's printing process here.

Introduction to Flatbed Printer Printing Process

           1. The computer adjusts the picture, uses Photoshop or CoreIDraw, AI and other picture processing software to make or process the patterns and text to be printed, and adjust the size, and ensure that the pattern is clear.

           2, handle the material well. Generally, plastics, plastics, and leathers do not need to be treated, but glass, ceramic tiles, and other materials that do not have high adhesion. Due to the excessive surface density, surface coating is required. Of adhesion. 

          3. Position printing. Before mass production, the material needs to be placed on the flat surface of the flatbed printer flatly, the printing parameters are adjusted, and the image is printed.

          4. Printing is completed. Just remove the material.

          Because the flatbed printer can be according to the different needs of customers, as long as the high-definition pattern is prepared, it can be printed, and it is immediately desirable. So when the machine starts printing, the operator can do other things. You don't have to stay there.

          Is the operation method of the flatbed printer simpler than the traditional printing method? It only takes 3 steps to solve everything. Save time, effort, and money.

          Flatbed printer is the development trend of digital inkjet printing technology. Because of its powerful functions and good printing results, many users have great trust.

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