Flatbed printer suitable for printing tiles

          Is a flatbed printer suitable for printing tiles? As we all know, flatbed printers have high printing accuracy and good printing results, and they are machines and equipment that can print as long as they are flat materials. Therefore, flatbed printers are definitely suitable for printing tiles.

          So, how to choose a flatbed printer? What kind of flatbed printer is good? There are still some small manufacturers in the market that are improving and selling traditional photo machines. Such improved photo machines are prone to failure and often cost hundreds of thousands to buy them back. But it doesn't work. Therefore, the author recommends that you choose a large brand manufacturer to purchase a flatbed printer, and in addition, you must master some methods for selecting a flatbed printer.

Flatbed printer suitable for printing tiles

         How to choose a flatbed printer?

          How to choose a flatbed printer Method 1:

          Starting from the nozzle, the tile itself is a smooth material with high surface reflection. The modification of the epson equipment of the small nozzle will cause the nozzle to be scrapped in less than 2 months, which seems cheap, but the cost of replacing the nozzle 6 times a year will be 40,000 to 60,000. With the development of industrial sprinkler technology, not only the speed is far faster than the civilian sprinkler, but also the precision is due to the civilian precision. Domestic and foreign mainstream nozzle selection meeting will be GS508 and GS1024.

          How to choose a flatbed printer Method 2:

          Starting from the format, if the tile is used as a background wall, it requires 2m or even 3m. The equipment of small format cannot meet the requirements. Therefore, it is recommended to choose a 2.5m wide machine when purchasing. Don't buy small equipment, buy back to produce nothing, and lose more.

Flatbed printer suitable for printing tiles

          How to choose a flatbed printer method three:

          Look at the strength of the manufacturer, this aspect is very much involved. The author focuses on three points. The first point is the type of equipment of the manufacturer. If there are industrial sprinkler equipment such as Seiko or Ricoh, it proves that the strength is high. If most of them are modified machines such as A4-A1, then you don't need to consider . The second point is to have your own manufacturer. If not, pay attention. Third, there must be a professional pre-sales and after-sales team, and no need to buy carefully.

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