How much is a flatbed printer?

         How much is a flatbed printer? A flatbed printer is a device that can print as long as it is a flat material. The printing industry has a very wide field and is also very concerned by customers. So more and more customers are learning about flatbed printers, and more and more customers want to buy flatbed printers. In the process of understanding the purchase of the machine, customers will be very concerned about the price of flatbed printers. Let ’s introduce them below. What are the prices of flatbed printers?

How much is a flatbed printer

        There are two types of Sakaler flatbed printers, namely 1610 printer and 2513 printer. There are also three types of nozzles, which are Epson, Seiko GS508 and Seiko 1024 nozzles. The prices of different nozzles and configurations are different. Their prices are: 

         16The 1610 machine equipped with two Epson nozzles is priced at around 98,000, and the 1610 Seiko GS508 nozzle is about 140,000. Model 1610 means 1.6m * 1.0m, as long as the material size is within this range, it can be printed.

         2513-seiko gs508 print head is about 190,000, 2513-1024 print head is about 328,000. The 2513 model means 2.5m * 1.3m. The 2513 is an industrial machine. The Seiko nozzles used are our main nozzles. Only three companies in China have the ability to use Seiko nozzles, and Kalle is one of them.

        What is the difference between a Kaler flatbed printer nozzle? 

        A lot of customers will say, I do n’t know much about the printhead. What are the differences between the Seiko printhead and Epson printhead, please see the picture below.

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