Advantages of UVLED curing

          As we all know, ultraviolet (UV) light is widely used in many fields such as communication, electronics, optics, and printing. These products are cured or hardened (polymerized) under UV light (a certain wavelength and a certain light intensity), and they are faster and more efficient, energy-saving and environmentally friendly than traditional products-UV light curing.

Advantages of UVLED curing

         UV curing equipment has also undergone continuous research and development and improvement. The production process that uses mercury lamp irradiation as the mainstream has been used for a long time. However, due to the high cost of equipment, high maintenance costs, rapid attenuation of UV light intensity, surface temperature of the irradiated elements, high volume, expensive consumables, and pollution, the industry has been working on improvements, but due to the limitations of original hardware Difficult to break through.

          The advent of UV LED has brought revolutionary changes to the UV curing industry. It has the characteristics of constant light intensity, excellent temperature control, portable environmental protection, relatively low purchase cost and almost zero maintenance cost, which has promoted the quality improvement and energy saving of UV curing process. UV LED point light source, line light source, and area light source have begun to be used in various industries. We believe that through the joint efforts of the entire industry, the future UV curing industry will definitely have a new world of environmental protection and energy saving. 

         1, service life 

         Compared with traditional UV curing equipment, the service life of its mercury lamp is only 800-3000 hours, and the service life of UV LED ultraviolet curing system is 20,000-30000 hours. The LED method can be lit only momentarily when ultraviolet rays are needed. When DUIY = 1/5 (preparation time = 5 irradiation time = 1), the LED method has a service life equivalent to 30-40 times that of the mercury lamp method. Reduced bulb replacement time: Increased production efficiency while also saving energy. However, when the traditional mercury lamp curing device is working, because the mercury lamp starts slowly and the opening and closing affects the life of the bulb, it must always be lit, which not only causes unnecessary power consumption but also shortens the working life of the mercury lamp.

         2, no thermal radiation

         High-power LEDs do not emit infrared rays. The temperature of the surface of the irradiated product rises below 5 ° C, and the ultraviolet curing machine of the traditional mercury lamp method generally raises the surface of the irradiated product by 60-90 ° C, causing the positioning of the product to be displaced, causing product failure. The UV-LED curing method is most suitable for thermally sensitive, high-precision bonding process requirements such as plastic substrates, lens bonding and electronic products, optical fiber cables. 

         3, environmental protection and no pollution 

         The traditional mercury lamp curing machine uses a mercury lamp to emit light. There is mercury in the bulb. Waste disposal and transportation are very troublesome. Improper treatment will cause serious pollution to the environment. The LED curing machine uses semiconductor light, which has no cause for environmental pollution. Therefore, the use of LED curing machine is more environmentally friendly. 

         4.Super illumination

         Using high-power LED chip and special optical design, the ultraviolet light achieves high precision and high intensity irradiation, and the ultraviolet light output reaches 8600mW / m2 irradiation intensity. Using the latest optical technology and manufacturing process, it achieves a more optimized high-intensity output and uniformity than the traditional mercury lamp irradiation method, which is almost twice the light intensity of the traditional mercury lamp irradiation method, which makes the UV adhesive faster curing and shortens Production time greatly improves production efficiency. When the conventional mercury lamp point light source curing machine increases the irradiation channel, the increase of the channel will cause the output energy of a single irradiation channel to decrease. With LED-type irradiation, each irradiation head emits light independently, and the irradiation energy is not affected by the increase of the channel and is always maintained at the maximum value. Because of its super concentrated light intensity, compared with mercury lamps, flatbed printer UV LEDs shorten the irradiation time of the job and improve production efficiency.

          5.Low energy consumption

          UV LED is more than 10 times more effective than the mercury lamp. At the same time, no matter whether the mercury lamp is irradiated effectively or not, the mercury lamp needs to be continuously turned on and the electricity is always in a state of consumption. The UV LED method consumes power only when irradiated, and the power consumption is almost zero during standby. You can do a simple calculation. The power saved by each point light source curing machine is 270 (watts) * 8 (hours) * 365 (days) = 800 (kilowatt hours). It can be seen that each unit only consumes electricity costs Can save thousands of dollars. Not only that, by saving electricity, each unit can indirectly reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 1.4 tons per year, which is equivalent to the annual exhaust of a car.

         6. Simple installation and space saving 

         The volume of the LED curing machine is only 1/5 the size of the traditional curing machine, which makes the installation of the equipment easier and reduces the area occupied by the production site.

          7. High reliability design

          From circuit design, optical design, system optimization to component selection, ST-LED's consistent high-reliability design concept is implemented to ensure the stability, reliability and consistency of the equipment.

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