What factors affect flatbed printer adhesion?

          What factors affect flatbed printer adhesion? Flatbed printer is a machine and equipment that can print as long as it is a flat material. This is what we all know. At the same time, the flatbed printer has a good printing effect and a good printing adhesion. This is also a concern of customers, but Do you know what affects the adhesion of flatbed printers? Carle will make an introduction below.

         The adhesion of the pattern refers to the environmental adaptability of the pattern on the surface of the substrate. No matter how good or beautiful the printed matter is, if it encounters objective factors such as rain, acidity, and alkalinity, it will become discolored and fall off. It is useless. Kind of trick.

         First: coating, coating is a kind of consumable material between ink and substrate. It can effectively improve the adhesion of UV ink, so that it can tightly adhere to the surface of substrate and not fall off easily. Improve the scratch and pressure resistance of the pattern.

factors affect flatbed printer adhesion

         Second: Ink, when the customer buys ink, try to choose the original ink, this can ensure the quality of the ink, if you use some mixed ink on the market, if it is defective. Not only the adhesion of the printed pattern cannot be guaranteed, but in serious cases, the image quality of the pattern will be affected.

         Third: Varnish, varnish is a protective layer covering the surface of the pattern. It can not only improve the aesthetics of the substrate, but also make it bright and shiny. And make the pattern with waterproof and sun protection functions. Of course, good patterns can also be printed patterns adapted to strong acid, strong alkali, low temperature environment.

         Of course, except for the above three points, the most important thing is to have a good flatbed printer, good machine, good consumables, and the printed pattern will definitely not be bad.

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