Analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of flatbed printers

           Analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of flatbed printers. As a popular flatbed printer in the market, flatbed printers certainly have many advantages, but do they have disadvantages? Of course, there are. The following are some of the advantages and disadvantages of flatbed printers. .

          Advantages of flatbed printers:

          Flatbed printers can overcome the limitations of materials. Not only printing a certain type of product, such as a device that can print both soft leather and hard glass and tiles. As long as it is flat, it can be printed. Material characteristics The maximum unevenness of the surface can be expanded to 8mm, so manufacturers can print in many ways and make more profits.

          Advantages of flatbed printers:

          The operation of flatbed printer is simple: the whole process of flatbed printer is controlled by computer. You only need to input the pattern to be printed into the computer, adjust the color, and click the start printing button. Eliminate some complicated operation steps of traditional printing.

The advantages and disadvantages of flatbed printers

          Three advantages of flatbed printer:

          The flatbed printer uses Japan Seiko's all-steel industrial-grade printheads, which are rated world-class in accuracy, speed, durability, and stability! Features of long life, color gamut extended to 8 colors, impeccable color reproduction, and easier nozzle calibration For optimized print performance and speed.

          Four advantages of flatbed printer:

          Flatbed printers have low printing cost. Flatbed printers use UV ink. The printing cost is 5 yuan / square meter for full-format printing per square meter, which is very cheap overall.

          In fact, the advantages of flatbed printers are far more than these. They are not introduced one by one. We all know that everything is good or bad, and machines always have disadvantages. Let ’s take a look at some of the shortcomings of flatbed printers. It can be used better.

          Disadvantage 1: If the flatbed printer has a circular or highly curved object pattern, it cannot be printed because the height difference between the ink car and the print head is generally more than 5mm, which will cause flying ink and ink not imaging. Therefore, this printing has a relatively large limitation. If it is for arc products, it is not recommended to buy this flatbed printer.

          Disadvantage 2: Flatbed printer: UV ink is generally used to print on glass and ceramic tiles. The adhesion is not very good, so a coating is needed to solve this problem.

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