About the coating effect of flatbed printer

               Regarding the introduction of the coating effect of flatbed printers, flatbed printers, as a printer device with very simple operating steps, have been very popular in the printing industry since they were launched. As we all know, flatbed printer is a coating-free printer device, so what is the coating-free for flatbed printer? What are the benefits?

the coating effect of flatbed printer

             Coating-free flatbed printer means that when printing part of the material, printing can be started without pre-pressing the surface of the material. Not all coatings can be printed without coating. This coating-free printing is conditionally limited. For example: the surface of plastic material can be exempt from coating, but anyone who does printing knows that something like glass, tile, metal can't be printed directly. It needs some coating treatment on the material to print, then first Say the role of using the coating: 

            First, drying speed 

            The coating is made of special chemical materials, and it dries in about three minutes after spraying, especially on relatively smooth materials such as glass, porcelain, and metal. 

            Second, better printing quality

            If printed directly on some materials, it is mainly smooth and non-absorbent materials, the effect is poor, and the effect is very good after coating. No matter whether the material is bent or folded or placed for a long time, the surface layer of the material will not appear cracks and faults. 

            Three, wear-resistant, waterproof

            Due to the adhesive component in the coating ingredients, the ink and material adsorption is very good after printing, which is far more than the abrasion resistance of the state without treatment, and the water resistance of the material after coating is also much better Multiple coating conditions. 

            4. It is very suitable for use in some special industries. The coating has the characteristics of flexibility, transparency, and impact resistance, which is an essential new process in some industries.

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