What is the reason for oblique spraying of flatbed printers?

            What are the reasons for oblique spraying of flatbed printers? Some customers who use flatbed printers, because the maintenance of the printheads is not timely, will cause the printheads to spray obliquely after a period of use.

the reason for oblique spraying of flatbed printers

           The oblique ejection of the flat printer nozzle means that the ink from the nozzle is inclined to one side or to several directions. Specifically, during the printing process, the following situations will occur: the picture has burrs, flying ink, offset needles, or the test strips on the side of the picture are jagged and so on. 

           In this case, when the technician cleans the nozzle of the flatbed printer, he can clearly see that the state of the cleaning liquid from the nozzle may be accompanied by a drop or a drop when the ink is pressed sideways.

           Reason: The nozzle hole of the nozzle is viewed through a microscope. Generally, the nozzle hole is circular. When ink impurities or debris on the surface of the material or capillary material of the wiper enter the nozzle hole, the nozzle hole becomes oblate or semi-circular. Round shape is easy to form oblique spray. 

          Solution: Remove the nozzle, and then clean the nozzle with cleaning solution, needle tube, syringe and other tools until the dirt in the nozzle hole is washed away. 

          It should be noted that the print head is the core component of the flatbed printer. Be sure to choose high-quality UV inks. Select the high-end imports provided by the manufacturer. .

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