Solutions to common problems with UV printers

             Solutions to common problems with UV printers. UV printers occasionally encounter small problems due to improper operation during daily use. However, for operators who are not very proficient in technical aspects, it is not easy to solve them. Some small problems have been resolved in time, and now I will introduce some common tips. 

Solutions to common problems with UV printers

             1, Yin and Yang color problems occur in Uv printers 

             Solution: Check whether the LED ultraviolet light is installed in balance. 

             2, the uv printer prints poorly, and the dots are coarse and uneven 

             Solution: Check whether the print head is vertically accurate, check whether the basic step is calibrated, and check whether the two-way calibration is performed if bidirectional printing is used. 

             3, the ink cannot be cured or the curing effect is not good 

             Solution: Check whether the led light is turned on, whether there is ink or dust on the bottom of the led light, whether the heating is turned on, and whether the power of the led light is suitable. 

              4.UV printer nozzle plug 

              There is a reason that the UV printer is blocked because the nozzle filter is blocked, and the ink droplets cannot be ejected. The second UV printer is caused by ink concentration, viscosity, or liquid level problems, which causes ink droplets to hang on the surface of the nozzle to form drops, which makes the nozzles eject unevenly, crooked, or even plug. 

            Solutions: 1. It is recommended to use a vacuum suction pump to suck the print head before using the UV printer ink; 2. Rinse the print head of the UV printer with a cleaning solution; 3. Use a suction pipe to suck out appropriately.

            In fact, nozzle clogging is a very common problem. Of course, except for Seiko nozzles, they will not be blocked under proper operating conditions. Epson nozzles are very easy to plug. Therefore, users are advised to purchase as much as possible when buying machines. Industrial sprinkler.

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