UV printer characteristics and choice of print head

           The characteristics of UV printers and the choice of nozzles. When customers understand UV printers, they do n’t know whether UV printers are suitable for their own materials. In fact, this is very easy to know. Just understand what materials you need to print? Whether it is necessary to maintain a long time without fading outdoors or indoors, and whether it is environmentally friendly, will determine whether you need to buy a UV printer. 

UV printer characteristics and choice of print head

            If your request is one of the following. Then I suggest you buy a UV printer. 

            1. For printing rigid materials, the biggest advantage of UV printers is that they can print hard materials, which is impossible for other printers. 

            2. The color should not fade in outdoor for more than 3 years or indoors for more than 10 years. UV ink is currently the longest weather-resistant ink on the market. 

            3, requirements are very environmentally friendly. With the development of the country's economy, the government's requirements for the environment are getting higher and higher. UV inks are environmentally friendly inks, which can meet the requirements of the environment. 

           Two, what about the accuracy requirements? 

           If the accuracy requirements are normal, you can choose the machine of the nozzle used on the advertising printer, such as Konica nozzle. This type of nozzle has large nozzles and thick dots, so the accuracy is very low and the picture effect is blurred. 

           If high accuracy is required, choose a Japanese Epson print head machine, because Epson print heads are used in high-precision printers. The print accuracy is very high, the picture effect is very clear, and the photos of people are very clear. However, the disadvantage is that the nozzle has a short life, is easy to plug, and the later cost is high, so the general choice is a precision nozzle with high accuracy, long life, easy maintenance, and difficult to plug.

          What advantages does UV printing technology have over solvent printing technology?

          1. UV ink is more environmentally friendly than solvent ink and does not contain volatile substances harmful to the human body.

          2, UV ink is more conducive to the maintenance of the nozzle than solvent ink. Because the UV ink is not easy to cure under normal conditions, it is not easy to cause damage to the nozzle.

          3. UV ink is suitable for printing a wider variety of materials due to its fast curing characteristics. The solvent ink is only suitable for printing soft materials.

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