Desktop uv printer

        Recently, many people have consulted this piece of information about desktop UV printers. I will tell you here that there are currently no such products on the market. There are two main reasons for this situation:

       1. The UV printer itself is an industrial device used for production. Even if the A4 format is currently converted on the market, it costs 10,000 yuan. It is mainly determined by the rigid cost of its nozzles and LED lights. It cannot be reduced to a few hundred dollars like a home printer, which is widely used by users.

       2. Subject to the level of technicians, even civilian UV printers or large industrial UV printers will produce various problems in daily production. In addition, the technical level required to operate this equipment is too high to be popularized. At present, there are no manufacturers with technical personnel to produce such machines that are cheap, stable and stable.

       At present, there is a mobile phone photo printer in the supermarket, large shopping malls, and night markets. The price is about 3,000 yuan. It is not a UV printer. It is a printer that is modified and an external laptop can be used. , Taobao sells that kind of machine.

       UV printer printing desktops are generally blown table desktops, glass desktops, wooden desktops, plastic desktops, and acrylic desktops. DIY custom patterns are printed on the top according to user needs. After printing, they are used as finished products in furniture decoration, canteens, hotels, etc. Place, finished printing effect:

Desktop uv printer

       This UV printer that prints desktops is currently equipped with Epson printheads on the market, with prices ranging from tens of thousands to 100,000, which is suitable for users in county stores; equipped with gs508 printheads, which cost about 180,000, suitable for small factories; equipped with gs1024 printheads , The price is about 280,000, suitable for large factories.

       It should be noted that the manufacturers of UV printers are concentrated in five places: Shenyang, Hangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangdong, bringing together 90% of the industry. When choosing, users are advised to go directly to these five places to buy. After all, it is purchased from manufacturers, on the one hand, the price is low, and on the other hand, the quality is guaranteed.

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