Reasons for using designated inks in UV printers

         There are four main reasons for the use of designated inks in UV printers: nozzle types, led curing lamp types, manufacturer services, and supporting processes.

Reasons for using designated inks

        Nozzle type:

        Different UV printer nozzles have different material types, internal channels, electronic crystals, nozzle diameters, ignition frequencies, and so on. This also requires that the UV ink produced must conform to the characteristics of the nozzle itself, otherwise it will not only directly affect the printing effect, but also directly block the nozzle.

uv ink

        Led curing lamp type:

       The wavelength of the LED curing lamp used to illuminate the UV ink and the intensity of the emitted ultraviolet rays are also different, which requires matching the component of the photosensitive curing agent in the UV ink. If the intensity is too high, the UV ink has been cured before it is completely sprayed on the surface of the material; if the intensity is too low, the pattern cannot be dried quickly, and the color will be dropped as soon as the button is clicked.

       Manufacturer services:

       Use the specified UV ink provided by the UV printer manufacturer. In this way, after the ink system and accessories have problems, the UV printer manufacturer will provide the corresponding after-sales service. If not adopted, the manufacturer will not be responsible for various problems that arise. After all, the profit of this consumable is also a source of revenue for manufacturers. This also reminds you not to replace the UV ink at will. Once the nozzle is blocked and scrapped, the loss is much cheaper than the ink by dozens of dollars.

        Supporting technology:

        The UV ink provided by the manufacturer has tested the coating, white paint, varnish and other liquids that require pre-press and post-print processing processes before leaving the factory to ensure its compatibility, water resistance, scratch resistance, Weather resistance and other characteristics. If it is replaced, the expected effect will not be achieved, making the pattern storage time short and easy to fade and fall off.

        With the continuous development of technology, the overall price of UV inks is falling every year. UV printer manufacturers will also offer discounts to this one from time to time. There is really no need to buy ink from other channels in order to save a little money. Some after-sales services bring the danger of blocking and scrapping the ink system.

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