UV printer print image is too dark

           The solution of the uv printer printing the image is too dark. In the process of using the uv printer, sometimes I find that under the same state, the image printed by the uv printer on some materials is not bright enough, and it feels dark. Actually this reason appears on the curve. 

print image is too dark

           The image output by the UV printer is not bright enough Solution: Increase the angle behind the curve in the color software to solve the problem. The specific rising angle value requires technical staff to actually debug according to the color condition of the customer's pattern, only to meet the required standards. 

           In addition, sometimes the image output by the UV printer will suddenly fade. There are three reasons for this problem. According to Kahler's many years of practical experience, there are some methods to help you solve this problem encountered in practice. 

           Cause one: The ink level is too low in the print settings 

           Usually, there are 40%, 60%, 80%, 100% and other different ink output control in the UV printer image control software. If the operator is inexperienced, the original 100% ink volume will be printed with 80% ink volume, which will cause the output image to be lighter. The solution is to increase the ink volume.

           Cause two: The print pass is too low

           The color and accuracy of the patterns printed by different PASS are different. Usually, some objects with smaller materials are printed with high pass. This can make the pattern clear and rich in color. Pass to print. This requires technicians to set and print PASS for different materials based on actual experience.

           Cause three: the effect of material 

           The transparency, gloss, and smoothness of the substrate itself will affect the final UV printing effect, causing the output image to be lighter and deeper. In addition to the visual error of the naked eye, some materials have an adsorption effect on the ink, and some materials have a dissolution effect on the ink. For example, to print a pattern on a conventional acrylic inkjet printer, the UV printer only needs 80% of the ink volume, and a little more will cause a darker image.

          These require the UV printer technology to be a technician's continuous accumulation of experience in actual printing in order to better solve these problems.

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