5 color printing effect principle and application of UV printer

           The UV printer's 5-color printing effect can already meet the daily printing needs. The 5 colors are (C-cyan, M red, Y yellow, K black, W white), and other colors can be adjusted by color software. Considering high-quality printing or custom requirements, UV printer colors can be added with LC (light cyan), LM (light red), LK (light black) LLK (light light black) and spot colors (orange, purple, green).

UV printer 5 color printing effect

5 color printing effect principle and application of UV printer

       Generally speaking, the standard UV printers are all 5 colors, but the number of corresponding print heads is different. Some need a print head, some need 3 print heads, and some need 5 print heads. E.g:

       1. Epson nozzle, 8 rows of channels, one channel can output one color, then one nozzle can output five colors, or six colors plus two white or eight colors.

       2, Ricoh 5 nozzles, one nozzle produces two colors, then 5 colors require 3 nozzles.

       3, Seiko gs508 nozzle, one nozzle for each color, then 5 colors require 5 nozzles.

      What needs to be understood is that the more colors a single printhead produces, the slower the printing speed is for a civilian printhead; one printout of one color, most of which are industrial printheads, will print faster.

       The 5-color printing effect of UV printer can meet the following requirements:

      1. Ordinary color printing, printing color patterns on transparent materials, black materials, and dark materials;

      2, 3d effect, print a visual 3d effect pattern on the material surface;

      3, embossed effect, the surface pattern of the material is uneven, it feels layered on the hand.

      If the 5 color printing result of the UV printer is not satisfactory, how to upgrade?

      1. On the hardware: add new nozzles, ink cartridges, ink channels, pressurized version and other components;

      2. On the software: upgrade the original control software and color software.

      In this way, the UV printer can achieve more colors such as 7-color, 8-color, and 9-color printing.

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