UV printer nozzle maintenance tips large exposure

            UV printer nozzle maintenance skills have been exposed. The problem of nozzle clogging in the use of UV printers is mainly "prevention-based". The best way to maintain the best working condition of the nozzle is to perform some proper and effective daily maintenance on the nozzle every day, which will greatly reduce the possibility of nozzle clogging. The specific methods are as follows:

UV printer nozzle maintenance tips.

           First, after the installation of the equipment, the initial maintenance of the nozzle

           In order to make the printheads enter into the best operating state, after installing the machine, you can print as many CMYK4 color pictures as possible in one day, and you must add C, M, Y, K 4 color bars on both sides of the screen to ensure 4 printheads. Always in the inkjet state.

          Two, the maintenance of the print head after the completion of daily work

         After printing is completed every day, in order to prevent the ink from evaporating and clogging the nozzle, please maintain the nozzle as follows:

         1. Power off the device.

         2. Wet the sponge with the cleaning solution to make the nozzle and the moisturizing sponge tightly combined. And the UV printer keeps this state to let the device overnight.

        Ⅲ.Handling method after found that the nozzle is slightly blocked

        After finding that the nozzle is slightly clogged, press the PAUSE key to pause the print job, and then clean the nozzle. After cleaning, you must use a cleaning solution to wash away the remaining ink. And carefully check the nozzle condition and find out the cause of the nozzle clogging.

         IV. Handling method when nozzle clogging frequently occurs during printing

         First press to pause the printing job, keep the power of the device on, connect the auxiliary ink tank to the liquid level sensor signal line on the control board of the machine head, and then pull out the cleaning liquid with a syringe to clean the nozzle. 40ml cleaning solution, every 10 minutes, a total of 3 to 4 times. After cleaning, reconnect the ink supply tube and the level sensor signal cable, and then resume the previously suspended print job.

        Fifth, the above treatment methods are not effective or temporarily no effect

        1. Remove the spray head and soak it in the cleaning solution for one day. .

Caution: Do not touch the signal interface on the top of the nozzle to the cleaning liquid, otherwise the nozzle will be damaged.

        2. Use a syringe to draw 40ml of special cleaning solution, and inject it from the ink supply pipe interface on the upper part of the nozzle. Pay attention to observe the state of the waterline sprayed from the nozzle. If all the waterlines are straight, the cleaning is effective. This nozzle can Continue to use (prerequisite: both the circuit and the piezoelectric crystal are intact), if some water lines are still sprayed, continue to clean.

        VI.What to do if the equipment is expected to be unused for more than 48 hours

         If the equipment is expected to be temporarily unused for more than 48 hours, the ink in the nozzle must be cleaned, otherwise the ink in the nozzle will dry out due to the volatile solvent, which may even cause irreversible damage to the nozzle.

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